Members of Christ’s church believe that His church…the one that He promised to build in Matthew 16:18… was established on the first Pentecost following His resurrection in A.D. 33 in the city of Jerusalem as prophesied centuries before hand.  The expression “the house of God” mentioned by Isaiah 2:2-3 refers to the future church of Christ.  Isaiah also said that God’s kingdom… Christ’s church…would extend its blessings to include “all nations.” (Isaiah 56:6-7).  See also: Daniel 2:44; Micah 4:1-2; Matthew 6:9-10.

The church was yet future at this time and future still even while Jesus walked the dusty roads of Galilee.  John the baptizer declared…Matthew 3:2…”Repent , for the kingdom (church) of heaven is at hand.”  “At hand” means imminent or nearby, but not yet an accomplished fact.  Jesus spoke again…Matthew 16:18…”On this rock (the rock being  Peter’s confession that Jesus was the Christ…the Son of God) I will build (future tense) MY church…”  The establishment of the church was still future according Jesus’ own words. 

But it was not long before Jesus gave His disciples assurance regarding the kingdom’s arrival when He said…”Assuredly, I say to you that there are some standing here (with Him at that very moment) who will not die till they see the kingdom (church) of God arrive with great power.” Mark 9:1.  That power was manifest in the form of miraculous events that took place in the presence of people from many nations who were present in Jerusalem and the door of the church was opened on that Day of Pentecost A.D. 33 when the Apostle Peter preached the very first Gospel sermon and 3000 souls repented of their past sins, were baptized for the remission of their past sins, received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and were added by God to His prophesied church (the saved). 

The title “church of Christ” is not used as a denominational name.  It is simply a descriptive term indicating the fact that the “church” is the possession of Christ since it was His blood that was shed to purchase her.  The name rightly points to the Lord as the churches only owner.  Members of the church of Christ believe it is right to wear the name which gives honor and glory to Christ its sole owner and caretaker.

The church of Christ in Fond Du Lac County had a humble beginning in September of 1958 as a small congregation began meeting in the home of Mrs. R. L. Barnard under the leadership of Brother Hunter Goin.  But the membership met for only a few months then disbanded due to unforeseen trials and challenges.

A new beginning was made in August of 1975 when Brother Richard Fox and family moved to the city to take up the work of church planting.  Richard writes, “My family and I moved to Fond du Lac this past August, 1975 and we began conducting meetings at the home of Jack McCoy before moving our meetings to Rosenow Elementary School on Weis Avenue.  The church at this time consisted of two families.  After a period of sixteen months and with the financial help of brethren from many areas of the nation, the church was able to move to its newly purchased building at 22 W. 12th St.  The congregation at this time consisted of six families and the weekly attendance averaged 25 souls.”

Brother Dan Connor and family joined the work as preacher in Fond du Lac in March of 1978.  Dan came fully financially supported by the Westbury church of Christ in Houston, TX.  The church grew, matured and expanded her ministries during the next five years under the leadership of brother Fox and brother Conner. 

The in 1983, three missionary families moved to the city to take over the work that was underway.  Steve Myers, Kevin Rayner, and Ed Damon were all students at Harding University and together answered the call for workers in Fond du Lac County.  These brethren moved here with their families fully supported financially by Oklahoma church of Christ congregations, Steve by the Alameda church of Christ, Norman, OK; Kevin by the College church of Christ, Edmond, OK and Ed by the Broken Arrow church of Christ, Tulsa, OK.

The church continued to grow under the leadership of these dedicated servants.  The Raynor’s and the Damon’s eventually were called into other work but the Myers family continued their ministry here till 1997 when health issues forced Steve to step away from his duties and responsibilities.  A significant  fruit of the church’s labors was realized while the Kevin Raynor family was still involved with the work here when Brother Myers and Brother Raynor were able to secure a construction loan from the National Exchange Bank and Trust in 1986 that paved to way for the construction of a modern worship facility at the site that it exists yet today…747 E. Scott St.  During this time period 1983-1997, the church had grown and matured so as to be able to appoint elders and deacons as our Lord had intended.  Sunday assemblies saw an attendance of 50+ souls during this period of church history.

During the interim period between when the Myers ministry ended and when Brother Nelson joined the work at Fond du Lac, the church was blessed to have had two other dedicated and God loving evangelists, Brother Darren Beachy and Brother Dale Walker, share in the ministry work in Fond du Lac.

Today, the church in Fond du Lac is alive and well and continues to minister to and win souls for Jesus under the leadership of Brother Dale Nelson who started his work here 2014.  Dale brought along with him to help with the ministry, his loving and very talented wife, Sandra.